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Xcoser Superhero Deadpool Mask Latex Full Head Wade Cosplay Costume Helmet


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          Movie:  Deadpool

          Character: Deadpool/ Wade Wilson

          Color: Red+Black

          Size: One size about 60cm, fits most adult head size

          Material: Latex

          Include: A helmet 

          Non-toxic and environmentally friendly, perfect Halloween, and cosplay gifts. Xcoser Updated the Deadpool movie version helmet mask, a great mask for Deadpool cosplay. Made by the Xcoser team, fine quality, and brand new. 


          Q: What's the difference between the latex version and the resin version other than the price?

          AThe material is different, one is made of latex, the other one is made of resin. besides, the latex version is much softer than the resin version. The latex version can be transformed when you tear at it. while the resin version is the hard one.


          Q: How do you measure your head for this product

          A: Use the fabric type of measuring tool to measure around the circumference of your head. It is better to do it around the ridge where your eyebrows areas the mask is hard and inflexible. The padding for the eyes is there and the helmet slopes inward quite a bit at that point.


          Q: Does it fit for kids?

          A: It just for adult size, it is too big for kids.

          Q: Is there enough room for glasses?

          A: No, it’s not enough space for wearing glasses, if you wear glasses, it is very tight and it would fog up when you breathe.


          QIs there enough space for breathe and good eyesight when wearing?

          AYes, it leaves a room for you to breathe, eyesight is great.